An A-Z list of soccer administrators in South Bend

  • Bellina Jr, Joe – started a soccer team at Saint Joseph Grammar School and helped to organize the first Catholic soccer league in the late 1970s, and later the Michiana Soccer Association youth leagues. Also managed South Bend Stallions.
  • Beyrer, Chuck – a statistician for John Adams High School’s soccer program in the 1980s and ‘90s, and the Tallman Beyrer Field was eventually named after him.
  • Gordon, Mark – referee administrator for Indiana State Referee Association District 2.
  • Hofman, Pheobe – early secretary and financial administrator for Jr Irish Soccer Club, and wife of Hank.
  • Kleiser, Joe – started the Saint Anthony de Padua soccer team and helped organize the first Catholic soccer league, before taking the lead role at the Michiana Soccer Association when Henry Veldman relocated.
  • Manta, Mario – founded Indiana Invaders FC.
  • Max, Patrick – became a player, coach, and member of the Michiana Soccer Association executive board after his four children took up soccer.
  • McCourt Sr, Bruce – a president on the first board of the Michiana Soccer Association. He also bought four teams in South Bend and supplied two soccer pitches in Granger.
  • McCourt Jr, Bruce – current president of the Michiana Soccer Association and son to McCourt Sr.
  • Palmer, Mike – played for Notre Dame Fighting Irish before becoming heavily involved with Indiana Invaders as a coach and administrator.
  • Parisi, Roberto – led and financed the South Bend Stallions.
  • Payne, Dan – former director of a German sports club called American Turners, before starting SoccerZone.
  • Tallman, Jim – founded the Michiana Soccer Association and the first local youth league, as well as the Stanley Clark school team.
  • Van Meter, Tom – a founder of Junior Irish Soccer Club.
  • Veldman, Henry – elected as the first director of the Michiana Soccer Association, and founded the Orangemen with his two brothers, Al and Ted.
  • Webber, Walt – invited teams from South Bend to play against St Joe Kickers in Michigan, and hosted festivals that combined German culture with soccer.

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