An A to Z list of soccer clubs in South Bend

  • American Turners – German indoor soccer club.
  • Jr Irish Soccer Club – founded in 1977 and continues to run age-group soccer programs for boys and girls.
  • Indiana Invaders – founded in 1998 as a USL Premier Development League team and folded in 2011, but continued to run age-group soccer programs for boys and girls.
  • Michiana Echo – founded in 1990s and runs age-group soccer programs, as well as a futsal club.
  • Miles Laboratories – formed by a group of European chemists who worked at Miles Laboratories, providing opposition for teams in South Bend such as South Bend Stallions.
  • Prestigio – formed in 2010 by South Bend’s Hispanic community and currently has both men’s, women’s, and youth teams, playing indoor and outdoor soccer.
  • South Bend IMPALAS – an inner-city club that used soccer to keep young people away from street crime and help them build foundations for brighter futures.
  • South Bend Lions – a USL League Two team founded in 2019 with under-18 programs for boys and girls.
  • South Bend Stallions – a club formed by a group of Italian soccer players.
  • The Orangemen – a club that mostly played indoor soccer, formed by the Veldman family having originated from The Netherlands.

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