An A to Z list of soccer stadiums and facilities in South Bend

  • Alumni Stadium – home to University of Notre Dame soccer teams.
  • Indiana Invaders Soccer Complex – a collection of soccer fields and former home to Indiana Invaders in the USL Premier Development League.
  • O’Brien Park – where the first tryouts were held for three inaugural South Bend-based teams in 1977 that were going to compete in the Indiana Soccer League.
  • Notre Dame fields – where Jim Tallman ran pick-up games on Sundays in the 1970s before teams and leagues had formed, and later became the home of Jr Irish Soccer Club.
  • Paul Boehm Park
  • Soccer House of South Bend – a shop that was in the heart of the South Bend soccer community for two decades; managed by Paul DiBernardo.
  • SoccerZone – replaced Tuners Indoor Soccer as a facility for indoor soccer, and still runs today.
  • South Bend-Mishawaka YMCA – facilitated one of the first examples of indoor soccer in South Bend by placing goals at either end of a basketball court in the late 1970s.
  • Saint Mary’s soccer-designated field
  • Stanley Clark soccer field
  • Stepan Center – Rich Hunter held some of his first soccer camps on the fields behind the Stepan Center, which are now AstroTurf pitches.
  • Tallman Beyrer Field – part of the same complex as TCU School Field, and named after Jim Tallman and Chuck Beyrer after their devotion to soccer at John Adams High School.
  • Turners Indoor Soccer – a facility that was part of American Turners.
  • TCU School Field – home to various high school and college teams, and South Bend Lions in USL League Two.

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